Robert Franco
Lampshade rings

Lampshade rings and ring sets :

We make lampshades rings and lampshade ring sets of any diameter. Round, oval, rectangular and square shapes can be made. They are made with flat, round or square wire in bright steel, stainlees steel or galvanized steel. and many type of washers and clips are available. Flame clip, bulb clip, candelabra washer, medium base socket's washer just to name a few. Smallest diameter ring we can make is 3" in diameter and largest one is 94" in diameter if in 1 piece but we have made up to 14' diameter in sections.

Lampshade frames

Lampshade frames :

Weither you are looking for silk lampshade frames or a large lampshade frames, you can find both here. Silk shade frames are available in all sizes and quantity, just let us know what you are looking for. We have several jigs for different sizes. if we don't have the jig for you dimensions, we will make it. our silk shade frame are usually made with flat metal top & bottom with a permanent or separate washer. Welds are flat so they don't tear of your fabric when you cover the lampshade frame. Over the last years, large format lampshades have become a trend. When doing a large shade, you need a strong frame to keep your fabric flat and secure welds. We can make them with wire or tubing. Tubing is lightweight so you can have a strong lightweight large structure and available in round or square shape.